About Us

We are Kathleen and Lyndon. We are partners in a small, local business which provides affordable, bare root, edible and ornamental plants to the local community each spring. Our goal is to offer plants that EVERYONE can afford. If you can’t afford even our low prices, please get in touch. We also have an option to work for your plants.

The Asheville sale takes place in early March each spring. You can just show up at the sale and buy what we are offering. You may also pre-order on our website to help ensure that you get what you want.

For questions or info please contact

Kathleen @828.633.2354 or Lyndon @ 919.593.4715 or email us @ plantsforeveryone.asheville@gmail.com

Plant Sale Location, Dates and Hours:
84 Solomon Rd. Leicester, NC 28748
Fri, Mar 2 (12pm – 6pm) PRE-ORDER PICKUP ONLY
Sat, Mar 3 (12pm – 6pm) OPEN TO ALL
Sun, Mar 4 (12pm – 6pm) OPEN TO ALL

Kathleen began plants for EVERYONE in the spring of 2013. She was discouraged at the high prices required for her to establish some fruit trees in her yard. So she found some good, local, wholesale sources and plants for EVERYONE was born.

Kathleen is a homesteader and a horticulturist (Landscape Designer) living in Candler. She grows much of what she eats.

Lyndon joined Kathleen as a business partner in the summer of 2016. Lyndon comes from a farming background. He lives in Leicester and operates an organic blueberry farm and nursery.


Need LOTS of plants to start an orchard? Need something we don’t offer? Are you a wholesale grower that could supply us with plants? Please get in touch. We want to serve the community in any way we can. We will do our best to accommodate.